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Mega Split AC

Blue Star's unique Mega Split air conditioner is ideal for typical high-wall mounted split applications where the capacity needed is much higher as compared to regular split ACs. This Mega Split AC offers an increased air throw which helps cool air to reach farther across the room as compared to the coverage that ordinary split air conditioners can offer.

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Cassette AC

Blue Star’s Cassette Split ACs are useful in applications where the indoor unit can be embedded into a false ceiling. This AC is ideal for showrooms where aesthetics and looks are very important. It is also the perfect choice when floor space is constrained. The AC has 4 air outlets which ensure that the air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

The three dimensional screw helps in maintaining uniform CFM distribution, and in order to handle water condensate drainage, it comes with a motorised drain pump.

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Verticool Split AC

The Verticool Split AC is best suited for air conditioning large wide open halls that do not have false ceilings to hide the ducting system. This AC is floor-mounted and offers a powerful air throw from a height to reach the farthest corners any large space. Its portability ensures it can be placed in any corner or sides of a space or next to structures such as pillars

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