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Commercial ACs

Commercial spaces such as offices and showrooms are typically large in nature. Normal Window ACs and Splits that are built for smaller rooms are not the ideal choices for such spaces. Blue Star therefore presents a unique Commercial Split range that offers higher capacity and efficiency to suit such spaces.

Each commercial AC application has its own unique needs and demands. That is why Blue Star's commercial room AC range includes three specific and distinct cooling products to suit different applications: the Verticool, the Cassette and the Mega Split.

Broadly, the choice between the products is based on the design of the space to be airconditioned. If you have a low false ceiling, you can choose the Cassette AC. If you don’t want to occupy wall space, you can choose the floor standing Verticool. And if you have no floor space, you can use the wall-mounted Mega Split AC.

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Inverter AC

Next-Gen Inverter Split Air Conditioners for a Comfortable Experience

Blue Star’s Next-Gen Inverter Split Air Conditioners with ‘Precision Cooling Technology’ have advanced micro-processor based controls that ensure your split air conditioner precisely achieves and maintains the preset indoor room temperature. Hence, you now enjoy the most comfortable cooling experience even amidst the most extreme summers.

Blue Star’s Next-Gen Inverter Split ACs are the latest evolution of technology that deliver precision cooling in decimals, as accurately as 0.1ºC or 0.5ºC. Additionally, the BLDC motors in the Next-Gen Inverter Air Conditioners ensure further increase in efficiency and reduced operative noise as low as a whisp

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Multi Inverter Split AC

A typical residence of two bedrooms and a living room requires 4.5TR (3 x 1.5TR) of airconditioning. However, only two rooms are occupied at most points of time. Traditionally this means installation of three ODUs and three IDUs, each of 1.5TR capacity, occupying more ODU space resulting in clutter and spoiling the facade.

With Multi Inverter Split AC, you need to install only one ODU that drives up to three 1.5TR IDUs. The system feeds the two working IDUs at most points of time, thus optimising use of capacity and saving both investment and running costs. It is also designed to ramp up the capacity and maintain comfortable indoor conditions in all three rooms, if all three IDUs are switched on at the same time on rare occasions. This makes it ideal for large villas, big row houses and other multi-room applications.

Moreover, the refrigerant used is the eco-friendly R410A which has no Ozone Depleting Substances.

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Split AC

Star Rated Split AC

Certified by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), Blue Star's star rated range of Hi-Wall split Acs offers you the dual advantage of high performance cooling and low electricity bills.

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Window AC

Blue Star’s star rated range of Window AC’s brings together the benefits of superior cooling, energy-saving performance and aesthetic looks, all in one unit.

Available in 5 star, 3 star and 2 star ratings, these ACs offer you nothing but the best. With multi-fan speed to choose from, an auto restart with memory function, a filter check LED on the front panel and cordless LCD remote, these ACs are specially designed keeping all your needs in mind.

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Portable AC

Blue Star’s Portable AC, with in-built wheels, is designed to move effortlessly not only from one house to another but also from one room to the other. No more unmounting and remounting, or waiting for technicians; just plug in and begin! It also adjusts according to the changing climatic conditions as it is enabled with both hot as well as cool modes; just what one needs to make summers cool and winters cozy.

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